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Photo laser printing DURST

What is Durst Lambda 131?

Durst Lambda 131 – is a unique laser system, which was first established in Russia in the Photo Center to serve the professional photographers and advertising agencies. It is designed for large interior, exhibition and promotional printing.

Usage of large format printing

Art, advertising, technical photography and collages, greeting cards, calendars, photo processing, galleries and exhibitions, interior design of apartments and offices.

Why is it unique?

Durst Lambda 131 is a widescreen, full-color laser device of last generation, in full sense it is a revolutionary in process and quality of printing. It includes the latest and most advanced laser technologies. It combines all advantages of digital printing (pre-processing and image correction) and the dignity of the traditional optical printing on the photographic materials (balanced colors, high light fastness, moisture protection).

How does Durst Lambda 131 work?

Exposure with photographic paper is made with the three lasers (RGB), but unlike the inkjet wide-format plotters, Durst Lambda prints not following the “points”, but in the mode of «continuous tone», i.e. with continuous variation of the density of the fill, which provides absolutely real color matching. In our case, Durst Lambda 131 is equipped with developing machine Colenta and cutting machine Fotoba for convenience and speed of print finishing.
To sum up briefly the above, Durst Lambda 131 is popular and indispensable laser system on the market of digital photo services. Target Audience of Durst Lambda 131 – are photographers interested in quality large format printing, interior designers and exhibitions, advertising agencies and companies which positioning themselves as market leaders with an expensive and really worthwhile product. Durst Lambda prints are always stand out on the street, in the interior, museum, because their quality is much higher. Amazing picturesqueness and brightness of colors, high contrast with a good study of tones, excellent sharpness attract attention of even the most demanding consumers and profitably show the exclusivity and prestige of the advertised goods.


  • DURST Lambda – is an expose large format digital laser device of High-End class for printing digital photographs on photographic paper and photographic display (dyuratrans, dyuraklir) in any format directly from digital files
  • Supported file formats: Grayscale and RGB-TIFF, TIFF / LZW, BMP and JPEG, PostScript Level 3, PDF
  • Colour Reproduction: 16.7 million colors
  • Color depth: 36 bit
  • Number of gradations: 256 for each color (RGB)
  • Resolution: 200 or 400 dpi (selectable) continuously exhibited dpi interpolated from pixel to pixel "on the fly"
  • Linear printing speed: 200 dpi: 65 cm / min (26 prints 100 x 125 cm / h) 400 dpi: 32 cm / min
  • Width and length of the roll of photographic materials: from 50.8 cm x 85 cm to 127.0 cm x 50 m
  • Guaranteed lightfast in the interior is of 10 years and 1 year on the street
  • Impressive Durst Lambda 131 sprcifications speak for themselves:
  • No raster and banding, with the resolution of 4000 pixels per square inch!
  • Print speed 23 m2 / h or 20 prints 100 x 130 per hour
  • Photo printing is possible on all modern types of silver material: color and black- white photographic paper, metallic photo paper, Kodak display materials
  • Photo material: opaque and transparent materials for the process RA-4.